Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The transporter

Fear, worries and anxieties can stop us cold and make it difficult to move let alone think. In these times of inner crisis it is important to escape and place ourselves outside of these ideas. If you are afraid of flying, try to imagine the island that you are heading to.  Feel the sand on your toes, watch the waves roll in and let the sun warm your skin. Go somewhere other than the fear. If you have a presentation at work that is scaring you try to imagine the presentation going well.  Visualize people clapping and nodding and smiling as you command the podium. Are your housemates being loud and upsetting you? Transport yourself to a calm home with soft music playing maybe someone serenading you with a guitar.  What do you to to escape your thoughts?


  1. Erase and replace. I erase the bad thought just like an eraser on a chalkboard and replace that thought with a positive image.

  2. I use breathing exercises...breathing calmly for a few seconds really relaxes me.