Thursday, 30 January 2014

Geographic Therapy

Sometimes, the best way to see our life is to look at it from 10,000 miles away. We see our life from a different angle when we travel. The air is different, the people are new and the learnings are common. Do you have a year or five-year travel plan? What adventures would you want to save up for and try out? Find photos online of the places you wish to explore. Post them on a dream board and when your day-to-day struggles are overwhelming you, glance over at your travel art and know you will soon be free. I would love to hear your favourite travel story!! Tomorrow I leave for Costa Rica. I won't be in the blog world for a couple weeks but I will come back. Armed with positive stories I am sure!!


  1. I am going to Germany in April. It's my first ever trip overseas :)

  2. I'm heading either to Paris or Ankara, Turkey, this summer. Wow. I'll visit a friend.