Thursday, 9 January 2014

Have more faith than fear

There is a battle raging on inside of us that many of us never experience unless we reach the edge. When we reach that point where the equilibrium flips and we lose control, we often collapse into despair. In this place, we have simply entered a realm where hope and confidence are displaced by worry and self-doubt. This is the place to rebuild. Your tank of happiness has been drastically emptied and it is time to fuel up once again. Fear had its chance to run the show but now is the time for faith. Things will improve. They have to. Have faith.


  1. As long as we stay the course, things will always get better :)

    1. As long as I keep reading your Facebook posts, things will always get better.

  2. My dad always says "keep the faith" though, it's not always easy...

  3. How do you suggest a person fill up an empty tank of happiness? How does a person go about having faith?

    I ask because I'm curious about your perspective. I have my answers to the questions posed, but understanding your point of view would be great.

    1. As my Mom says, "Your head is so full of negative you've left no room for positive". It's about surrendering to a brighter path in my mind. I have a hard time leaving the fantasies of the darkness, they tell me I am no good and I apologise, shame filling the hole where love once stood. I know this, yet I feel so powerless. Faith is the belief that we are deeply accepted and loved no matter how good or bad we are. To me…in this moment….

  4. Thank you, for answering. And, I see things differently. Faith is not about the mind. That would be using the wrong organ, so to speak. Faith involves our spirit, known as the pneuma, in Greek. The psuche in Greek or psyche in Latin deals with our mind, involving our emotions, will and intellect.

    The pneuma, or spirit deals with the ineffable, transcendent aspects of life, including faith. For me, it involves a surrender that paradoxically allows us to be whole as we connect with the God of our understanding. This has nothing to do with religiosity. Faith is dynamic, powerful and totally empowering.

    There's so much I can say. But it would be easy to talk about this than write. Let's Skype. I'd love to support you. With many, I help overcome depression, surprisingly quickly. Decades of clients can attest. In fact, over at my place I've included this.

    I scribed some about faith here, about my personal experience. In this link there is an overview on the subject.

    If we do want to visit, it's best if we set a definite time and day. Last time we talked about this was more than eight months ago. Please e-mail me if you want healing from your depression, and any negative thoughts you might have towards yourself. We can arrange details, or another eight months could slip by.

    Wishing you the best, and enveloping you with love, compassion and gentleness. I hope to see you over at my place soon. Please say hi. You improve my place when you do.

    With hugs,