Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ready, aim….wait

Speaking our mind is a chance to unleash the passion within our thoughts, but why choose now as the time to open up? What is the driving force? Anger? Pride? What if we take a moment to hear the ideas from a different perspective? This pause may reflect a new view before our eyes. Shifting our stance if only for a while is uncomfortable and we may perceive it to be pushing us back or knocking us off balance but in truth this expansiveness allows us the space to potentially move forward…and isn't that where we want to be? Take some time to sit back in a meeting and hear other ideas, ask your partner how you can create options from a debate, or imagine your big day tomorrow going really well instead of failing badly. Take the time to add expanse. Take a break from your stance before you get stuck there. Take care of your needs without causing harm.


  1. Yes this reminds me of stepping out of one's comfort zone. It's always important to hear ideas from a different perspective.