Friday, 22 August 2014

Find your bestie in your reflection

Each morning when we grab the toothbrush and try to refreshen our sleepy mouth we catch a glimpse of something miraculous, something bigger than ourselves. Look. What do you see? There is a figure of you, yes, but it is the only you that has ever existed and ever will. What you can't see is the energy expanded beyond your physical body, it's actually your soul body staring back at you. You are the essence of your yesterdays, nows and tomorrows. Treasure your reflection and create a short mantra to empower your day. Make eye contact with this person, this mirror image and say the words slowly. Notice your reflected mouth move with the words flowing over your lips. What mantra you may ask? Well this is very personal. What do you need to reach a state of peace and gratitude? Perhaps you struggle with obesity - tell that reflected self "you are beautiful". You may have lost your job and need to say "you are important. You are skilled in many ways". A loved one may have passed and you are grieving so say "I miss you and will love you forever". Make it yours and embrace it. Keep eye contact at all times and give yourself the gift of this verbal bear hug from your bestie. I leave you with a quote...Be yourself, everyone else is taken (Oscar Wilde)

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