Monday, 25 August 2014

Photo graph

This inspiration will be fairly hands on. Find photographs of yourself from ten years ago to today. Take the time to really look at each photograph of that moment in time and notice your smile or lack thereof, your hair, your clothes. Then take some time to go inside and remember how that time in your life FELT. Were you scared, excited, sad, elated? We tend to leave the past and move on but sometimes a view at the journey that got you to today can be a powerfuel fuel for creating strong tomorrows. 2004 - Italy 2005 - Met Alain 2006 - In love 2007 - Australia 2008 - The wedding 2009 - Fernie 2010 - Folk music festival 2011 - Pigeon Lake 2013 - Plan Canada Fundraiser 2014 - Costa Rica Thank you for letting me share this ten year storybook with you. I have gained a lot of insight, acceptance, self-love and pride from viewing these images. Maybe you can experience something similar with your own photo graph.

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  1. This was an interesting journey through your last ten years! I really love that Fernie picture. I may do this sometime. I would look at pictures of myself ten years ago and say "wow, my hair was a lot thicker!"