Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sweat it out

On some hot days I secretly indulge in the heat by stepping into my steamy car and letting the waves of warmth wash over me, sweating instantly and letting the moisture mix with the sweltering air. I realise not many people do this, they immediately try to beat the heat with air conditioning or at least windows rolled down to let in a fresh breeze. Maybe I am unique? But...My winters are eight months of the year and while I enjoy the snow as much as the next outdoorsy Canadian, the heat just has this special quality to it. I feel happy to be alive and mostly, I FEEL. I recall travelling to Australia for the first time and how the sweat would begin pumping out WHILE I was in the shower, dousing myself with cool water to balance the intensity of the Australian summer air. To see if this works wonders for you make plans to try a hot yoga class, partake in a native sweat lodge ceremony or visit the local pool's sauna. Winter, summer, whenever. Heat can remind us how lucky we are to walk around in fairly "normal" temperatures and it can help us go deep into our emotions and see what might be sitting dormant, needing to get warmed up and comforted. Do you have hot practices that you enjoy?

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