Saturday, 16 August 2014

Don't go soul-o

There is pressure from our environment to be a better version of ourselves. To be healthier, stronger, happier. We sometimes even feel a push from the universe to discover and live out our purpose on this Earth. But is this meant to be a solo journey? If we sit in our basement and read self-help books all day will we find peace? This I am not so sure of. In the wild, wolves will go in search of a deer so they can be nourished by its flesh. Does one wolf approach the deer to take it down? Most likely the one, lone wolf would not be successful and he would starve after many failed attempts to catch his prey. But in a pack, the wolves come together to hunt and capture their meal. Like the wolves, we are a communal species and finding a better life by being alone is a little like trying to find your own image in the clouds. You may be waiting awhile. But reach out and ask for a hand or two and the journey may not seem as daunting. You can ask someone you admire to be your mentor. Maybe you meet once every couple months and talk about ways to improve your career. You can join a group in your community, religious or not, just real people who want to talk about real issues. You can introduce yourself to one of the other parents at the playground and swap stories while your wee ones stay busy. If you think that getting one person's help may not make a difference, answer me this: Can one person create a newborn? Or does it take a sperm and an egg to unite and create life? Human souls were meant to intertwine, not to stand alone. When have you reached out recently? Did it help or hinder?


  1. Oh wise words Vanessa this is the way I live my life and it truly does work. Reach out oh yes we all need that. Hug B

  2. Such an amazing post! This is exactly what we need to do - love and compassion are the ways to go to make our life and other people's life happy :)