Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Reaching goals is an art perfected by humans.  In nature, the wolf may have a goal to take down one doe per week or a polar bear may make a goal to travel on seven ice flows in a day.  But we humans base our lives around key goals such as happiness, love, affection, gratitude, beauty, financial wellbeing and intelligence.

What if you could have fun with your goals?  Think of a measurable for each target you wish to set.  If you want to lose weight, you say, I want to lose 15 bounds in four months.  Then you backcast to determine what milestones are needed to reach that end zone. Then you take the whole pieces and split them into micro steps, choose five to seven for each step.  I am going to eat five less potato chips, I am going to drink 1 more cup of water, I will walk five extra minutes a day.

Small, achievable micro steps are key.  Once you have written down your game plan, think of ways to celebrate along the way.  And remember, whatever you did today - you did enough.

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  1. Hm, five less chips on the plate today... that could be hard decision to make ; )... My goals tend to loom around where I want to go for holiday... which country do I want to see... how much will it cost and what will my boss say when I tell him I'll be off for longer period... : )it takes a real planning and scheming! : )x