Saturday, 11 August 2012

Mellow yellow

There is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to experience some mellow time.  We often think that if we are not rushing around from place to place, activity to activity, we are somehow lazy. This is simply not true.  Often it is important to put your life on cruise control then sit back and feel the waves of the day wash gently over your body.


  1. I sooo agree. Sometimes I find Myself feeling bored when life seems slow...but then I remember how out of control it can get, and I enjoy the calmness. Ebs and flow, right? I like this...

  2. Thank you Vanessa, for this post. We've been sold a bag of unhealthy goods. We are taught to believe that busyness is to be valued, an indication that we are important.

    Stillness is not only healthy for us mentally and spiritually, but physically. Sometimes, catching our breath is the most important thing we can do. It often allows us to get perspective.

    If we are going the wrong way, it doesn't help running in the opposite direction, if we are on the wrong bus.

    Pausing, allows us to step off and regain our bearings. Your suggestion is a great way to accomplish that.