Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Peeling back the layers

Pet peeves.  Fears.  We all have them, but each of us are unique to the other. Let's try an exercise in understanding our sensitive spots. Bring to mind an irritation or fear. Breathe into your body.  Where does this feeling lie?  In your shoulders, your heart, your gut? Breathe again to be sure.  Ask yourself about where this fear takes you?  What are the emotions associated with the feeling? Look back into your memory bank and question the birth of this irritation?  Delve deeper.  Why does this feeling hold so much power?  Delve deeper?  What is the probability that this itch really needs to be scratched, will it help us? Most likely not. What is the benefit of shedding this fear layer? Take some time to ponder your thoughts, journalling if this helps you.

You don't need to share, but thank you for participating.

1 comment:

  1. It's good doing an inventory of our fears or any other area I want to surmount. I take a look at the source, triggers and people who cause mine. In addition, I ask myself, what is the reward for my fears, or whatever area where I want to grow. We don't do anything, if it doesn't have a reward, there's a payoff, somewhere.

    This takes me to the heart level, where I find the root of this character defect.

    Thanks for bringing up this subject!