Friday, 17 August 2012


Meditation is a tricky practice.  A lot of people run away from meditation because they feel uncomfortable sitting alone with the mind spinning freely.  But meditation is not so much about being alone with a picture show of random images floating by.  It is about focus. At first, our mind may seem like a thunderstorm with thoughts crashing to the ground like random beams of lightning and this storm may overwhelm us. But the trick is to narrow the beam of light to one single stream at a time.

Think of watching clouds go by.  We don't attempt to view the entire sky in one sitting, our mind gets too overwhelmed. Instead, we watch one, single cloud roll by and witness it change shape before our eyes. This practice is calming and focused and beneficial to our mind.

I have a trick when meditating. As thoughts pop into my viewing space I wrap them gently in a bubble and watch them float up into the universe. Thought by thought I do this. I don't own the thoughts running freely through my brain but I guide them where I want them to go. This takes practice and discipline.

Do you have any meditation tricks that you could share with my readers? Much gratitude in advance for your thoughts.

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  1. Thank you, Vanessa, for your posts. I've been busy with work the past two weeks. I enjoy dropping by your place and am grateful for your visits at mine.

    Regarding meditation. I find prayer is when I talk to God and meditation is when he speaks to me.

    Instead of nothingness, I focus upon a major principle or truth. Such as, "I'm deeply loved by others and God."

    I allow it to sink down to the visceral level of my soul, I allow myself to feel this truth in my body.

    When distracted by other thoughts, I have a notepad nearby. I'll jot down the other thoughts that pop up and then get back to focusing on the God of my understanding.

    Being still is critical. I try meditating upon what God is saying to me. By His orchestration of the events in my life, "what is He trying to show me?" I ask.

    When interacting with another, I don't give a speech, shake the person's hand and leave. No, I also hear from them and interact. Same is true in my Quiet Time with God. I don't just offer up a prayer and leave, after I'm done saying my piece.

    Instead, I'm still, trying hear what He wants to say to me. I'm glad to be back at your place.

    Your friend from the Left Coast.