Friday, 3 August 2012

Shed your skin…again

Every day, every moment we are blessed with the opportunity to alter the future of our existence.  We have many, many layers  - some grow old and may be no longer useful faster than others.  But we are always growing into something more beautiful, more magnificent.  We are growing closer to our true selves.

Take some time today and recall the last moment, or the last episode where you felt a shift in the pattern of life.  Twist your kaleidoscope and see what new image emerges from the self.


  1. I am rather of my current skin status... I think I definitely am due for some shedding!

    Yet, isn't it strange we hardly ever notice this happening until much much later... that somewhere down the line we have actually changed?

    : ) x

  2. I like your current skin toooo, but in time it may need a little tweak. For now though miss Hannah…..RIDE THE WAVE.