Saturday, 10 March 2012

Clarity in stillness

Be prepared to go deep today….

The mind wanders aimlessly
In search of the most restful spot

Unloading the many anchors
That get tangled along the way

Clarity comes only when the water is still
A silent idle
Like the purr of a kitten
It relaxes the mind
Allowing views to be seen for miles

Difficulty comes when the current is restless
Searching to find a spot to stay
If only for a little while
It pulls and drags
Muddying the once clear waters

We have a choice
We can work against the current
Or rest and surrender to its direction
But with either option comes risk

Knowing when to fight and when to rest
Is a dance
A dance to an unknown song

The song is in your heart

1 comment:

  1. Wow...powerful..very very powerful. You are so right when you say that knowing when to fight and when to rest is a dance...a dance that many of us never learn the "steps" to. Great work!