Thursday, 15 March 2012

Stand tall. Live free.

We spend a lot of our time with shoulders hunched and chin down.  Stooped slightly forward we trip and stumble mindlessly through our daily tasks.  It is as though we have the weight of the word on our shoulders.

But we can delegate.  Send some of this baggage down to Mother Nature, she can compost anything.  Our bodies are not really capable of constantly carrying the loads of worries and judgement we place upon ourselves.

Try standing with strong legs, knees slightly bent, pelvis slightly tucked and shoulders rolled up and back.  Imagine roots growing from your feet down into the Earth.  On each exhale, imagine sending down your stress and frustrations through the Earth to be recycled in the soil.  On each inhalation, imagine pulling back up only what you need to walk about during your day.  A little love, a little peace, a little humility.

Check in with yourself throughout the day, are you standing or sitting tall, heart out in full expansion, creating space for your lungs to expand? Or are you contracted in, hanging on to your precious worries?

Choose to live lighter, stand tall every chance you can.

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  1. This post was wonderful. Yes we all get bogged down daily by the stresses of everyday life...seems as though this would be a good stress-reducing exercise. I think you said it best when you said: "A little love, a little peace, a little humility". Three things that make the world a better place :) Great job as always!

    p.s. You might like the picture I just posted on my blog...very deep meaning. Looking forward to your next post!!!