Sunday, 11 March 2012

Survival of the spirit

We have several essential needs that our bodies signal us to fulfil.

We can survive four minutes without air.
We can survive four days without water.
We can survive four weeks without food.

But where do our spiritual needs fit?

What if, prior to our first breath in the morning, we could look deep inside and say "thank you".  How might this change our lives?  Would we simply survive, or could we, possibly, THRIVE?


  1. I love the questions asked here...definitely makes me think. Perhaps our spiritual needs are every bit as important for living as our biological needs...maybe even moreso.

  2. Interesting that you posted this on a Sunday - the day that I tend to ponder as the completion of a week and the start of a new one at the smae time. Each of us has a different way of connecting with that spirit or more accurately our own spiritual essence.It maybe through that early morning walk, yoga, meditation or as that first cup of coffee hits the system - whatever the process, thanking your spiritual essence builds that inner peace all of us strive to find.