Saturday, 24 March 2012

Water for life

If we are to truly love and appreciate ourselves, we can consider a compound that makes up most of our body and helps in every function we perform.


Take a few minutes to grab a sip of water and close your eyes.  Imagine that sip of water coating your throat and entering your blood cells, your heart and lungs.  Imagine it expanding your skin with luscious moisture.  Imagine your hair becoming more soft.  Picture your eyes being lubricated and your brain replenished with pure liquid.

Now imagine the journey those molecules of water took to make it to your glass.  Small drops dripping from a large fern about to be consumed by a brontosaurus.  A creek drifting past a castle in Scotland in the 12th century, perhaps a battle is being fought nearby.  A piece of the iceberg that sinks the Titanic.  A fine mist in a cloud you passed through on your last plane ride.  A refreshing rainstorm outside your back window.

There is no more water on this planet than there was billions of years ago.  We will always have water, but the quality may be questionable.  It is up to each of us to protect this precious life source so we can enjoy a clean glass of water for generations to come. 40% of people on this planet have to walk to collect their daily water needs and yet we flush a Kleenex with the purest drinking water and pour this precious liquid on our lawns.

Once each of us connects our quality of life with the water inside each cell in our body, we will discover innovative ways to save water and protect its quality for all the inhabitants on Earth.

Start with yourself.  Start today.

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  1. You know what I've never thought about...literally "never"...the actual origin of the water tham I'm drinking. To think that the weater I'm drinking could have originated in the iceberg that sank the titanic - wow what a truly amazing and romantic notion. I can;t believe I've never thought of it in that way before. Your posts are awesome :)