Sunday, 25 March 2012

Play your way to freedom

Acting like a little kid can be a very freeing experience and it can help immensely with our mental happiness.  Have you ever been to a psychological ward?  The patients have craft time and play bocce and dance to the radio.  It's brilliant!  If doctors know how important it is for our brains to have "play" time then why do we deny ourselves that gift?  I am not talking play time as gambling, drinking or road trips.  Those are adult versions of real kid time.

Set aside some time today to play.  Pull out the karaoke machine and sing loudly, dance to your favourite songs like it's the last time you'll ever dance, indulge in a colouring book with children or without, paint, write silly poetry, visit the swings, just escape this adult life for awhile.  Trust me, your soul with thank you.

1 comment:

  1. I think acting like a kid sometimes is a key to healthy living...we should never lose touch with our inner-child. We should embrace our inner-child rather than suppressing it. I hope you never stop these posts :)