Saturday, 31 March 2012

You snooze you win

Sleep.  It essential to a healthy mind, body and spirit.  So why do we go through our days with a goal to complete as many tasks as possible in a day with sleep placing last on our priority list?  Nine hours of sleep helps to recharge the body, gives the mind space to process solutions to our challenges and allows the soul to explore the border of our subconscious and cognitive behaviour.

We don't bat an eye we  we see a dog snoozing away or a cap napping in a bright patch of sunlight.  Pregnant women tend to sleep a lot longer because the body knows how important the Momma's sleep is for the growing fetus inside.  Babies spend most of their day asleep and they don't feel a moment of guilt for it!

Treat yourself to extra sleep tonight.  Prepare yourself for rest with a bath or a book or a good chat with a loved one.  Ease into bed and set the alarm a little later than usual.  You may notice a change in your being tomorrow.  Recognize any differences and congratulate yourself for doing something kind for your wellbeing.


  1. I am really bad about this! I usually only get about 6 hours per night and believe me it affects my energy throughout the week. I tend to still be relatively energetic but nowhere near as energenic as I would be with 8-9 hours of sleep per night! Maybe I'll start going to bed earlier :)

  2. Thanks for your encouragement to take care of myself. When stressed, I need to especially make my physical welfare my number one priority. This is when I need rest the most.
    I know I would ask anyone else to run at the pace I do. So, why do I?

    Long story. In a sentence, they were socially acceptable ways for me to deny my feelings. Both my family and society supported my hiding behind hard work.

    If I decide that my needs are unimportant, or that I'm too busy, I undermine my own best interests.

    I'm glad that I'm better at taking care of myself. Now, part of my growth is doing LESS than I'm capable of achieving.

    Wishing you a good Sunday,