Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Free your soul's voice

Throughout our journey we experience thoughts and images that frighten us, sadden us and make us question our worth.  Even when someone puts us down, perhaps, in a joke, there is a fragment of negativity that embeds inside us.  These small, microscopic experiences build up over time and create a layer of plaque over our soul.

One way to clear of this plaque and let your soul shine brighter is to allow your inner voice to rise up.  If you are feeling anger, try screaming loudly in your car.  People will think you are singing.  If you feel sad,   sing a mournful note or entire song, but let it come deep from within.  You can laugh it off, perhaps during a funny movie or a laughing yoga class.

Try experimenting with these sounds and see what bubbles up.  You may be surprised.


  1. I like this. When I'm sad I always feel that I sad song can be quite cathartic.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for your post. I've found expressing my reptilian self makes me feel more connected to myself and this world. For the longest time I allowed my cognitive self to overrule my basic (and advanced) feelings.

    Now, I'm less sure, more myself.

    I'm happier, less depressed. I marvel at things I once ignored, including nature, my respiration and the clamminess of my skin, when it feels sticky. I feel like now I'm truly living. It's about time! :->