Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Take a risk. Live gently.

We often fill our time with shoulds and should nots.  There is always a task calling our name, always somewhere else we should be.  Life in the land of shoulds is a hard and cold place.  It is filled with feelings of guilt, of not doing good enough, of not being enough as we are.

Who wants to live in that world when there is another way?

Spend time being gentle with yourself today.  Breathe into your heart and figure out what it is your soul needs today.  Maybe you need to take your work to a local coffee shop and tap into your creative side.  Maybe you need to speak to your boss about an idea you have.  Maybe you need to treat yourself to lunch with a good friend.

We are often afraid to do what feels good.  We worry it means we are not suffering enough like the people around us are suffering.  But if you are reading this post, you are not one of those people.  You know there is more to life and you know there is a way to escape the suffering.

Start being gentle today.

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  1. Your posts are so full of inspiration and I look forward to them each day! There is always such an imoprtant messsage behind them. You're right when you say that we too often fill our time and thoughts with "shoulds" and "should nots". I am guilty of this as well. This post makes me think :) great job!