Monday, 19 March 2012

Tune into your colour frequency

Although our ears cannot hear it, colour has a sound.  This sound can impact how we handle stresses and whether or not we appreciate all we experience throughout our day.

Your body knows what it needs to tune itself.  Try to feel what colour you may need in your life at this moment and your body will give you the answer.  Red can protect us and give us more confidence and trust.  Orange ignites creativity and a childlike happiness.  Yellow stimulates learning and focus.  Green can bring us balance and healing.  Blue can help us communicate and speak in public.

Add colour through your clothing, food, flowers or photographs.  Avoid too much of one colour in case it throws you off balance.  If you notice you have too much of one colour on your plate or in your closet, add a colour from the opposite side of the spectrum to balance it out.

Live in colour.  Live in the silent music of inner harmony.

1 comment:

  1. I love this unique! I've never thought of color in quite this manner. WIth your descriptions, I think my color shall be green :)