Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Take a daydream trip

We often become so constricted in our busy lives. Wrapped tightly, we rush and rush, stumbling from one task to the next. Take a few moments today to add some space into your world.  Like a well-tilled soil, space allows good things to flow and helps to release the negative.  Create this space by daydreaming of a different world.  Imagine a holiday in a tropical paradise, create a dream job for yourself in your mind, or visualize yourself completing a goal.  You may be surprised of what grows out of this positive space.


  1. As I am home sick today my daydreaming has been sporadic! But I do value the of day dreaming as it helps to clear the mind when caught in a mental mind block or just need to re-focus! I wanted to send you a picture but cannot for the life of me figure out how to attach to the response. Oh and Wilma and Betty from the Peg is Fiona (just in case you are wondering!!!) lol

    1. You must send me a photo Fiona, try my RRU account. Happy daydreaming :)

  2. I enjoy the language you speak in your writings. And, I’m not talking about English. I like the intuitive nature that consistently runs through your writings. Thanks for helping me to pause and wonder, when I visit your place here in cyberspace.

    I can’t spiritually breathe, when I don’t take time to slow down and meditate. I’m thankful for the perspective investing in myself provides. Halting the white noise within me permits me to enjoy this day, this moment and who I am.

    The siren call of society's demands upon my time and its distractions could easily prevent me from making the most of life---if I were not vigilant about maintaining my well being. I'm grateful for the safety that awareness provides.

    I'm not seeing many replies to comments left by others. I'm curious, is there a reason for that? Hearing your responses to the musings of your readers meets my need for community. Would it be possible to hear your reaction to opinions posted by your readers? It's just a request.

    Wishing you a great day.

  3. You have inspired me Pablo - I will be responding to posts for sure! I need to take the time to foster that community, as you put it. This is such an amazing space to share our thoughts and ideas, if we can learn from each other, back and forth, that may help the journey.

    I appreciate your insightful responses, they always put a big smile on my face!!