Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ride the wave

No post yesterday.  It was a hard day.  Onto lighter things...

In your mind, picture the rise and fall of the ocean.  Anyone who has experienced the awesome power of Mother Nature's waves, maybe in Hawaii or out on the West Coast, will understand the constant pull and release of cleansing water.

We all experience lows of being lost below towering waves, obstacles that seem far too high to climb.  In this dark place, we think we will be lost forever, that the pain will never end.  But that is just not true in nature or in your life.  This low dip will eventually give rise to a crested wave, beaming in the sunlight and you will ride again.  You will ride again!

In those moments where we are floating high on the surf, feeling exhilarated and full of life, as though all the world's gifts are being showered upon us, this is an amazing feeling.  Hold tight to this moment and feel the wave curl swiftly beneath you.  Breathe in the ocean air and let out a squeal (Krista, I've learned this from you!).  The more you live in this moment, the sweeter the ride.  But this will will end.  It has to.  Don't focus on the ending or loss, simply live in the moment.  You are blessed!  Shine your gratitude!


  1. Vanessa - I like surrounding myself with like-minded folks...of which I consider you one. You, to me, are in inspiration. If everyone were to act like you act, speak like you speak, share like you share...just imagine...

  2. I really enjoyed this blog piece. POWERFUL. I was searching blogs on blogger and happened upon yours! I would like to follow your blog. Feel free to follow mine as well.