Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Waltz with your fear

Fears tend to have a large presence in our life.  We make the fears larger often by avoiding them at all cost.  But within every fear is an opportunity to become stronger, to become fee.  We just have to step into it and feel its presence.  Rather than run, why not take the time to waltz with your fear.  Live in partnership with your fear, knowing that with a little more experience, the fear will just become part of life and may lose its ferocity.

Scared of flying?  Scared of meetings at work?  Scared of going broke?

Take a few minutes today to sit with thoughts of fear.  Perhaps, you'll look at photos of snakes or spiders online or imagine being high on a cliff edge.  Really try to pull up all your anxious feelings.  Continue to ramp them up and feel what it does to your body.  You'll want to stop, but push through, knowing that if you face this fear, even for a short while, it will diminish the fear the next time you face it.

You can do this! Enjoy the dance.

1 comment:

  1. I like this..kind of like "exposure therapy". Facing your fear rather than running from it. I plan on getting over, or at least facing, my fear of heights soon :)