Friday, 23 March 2012

Fear of shining our light (FOSOL)

We each have a light glowing inside us.  Nestled into our solar plexus is a place where out purpose, our confidence and our core resides.

Sometimes we lock our light in a box, scared to let go and show the world who we are.  Scared to be judged by the planet.

Sometimes we dim our light in case we shade out the lights of others around us.  Not knowing that sharing our light might actually ignite others.

We usually only become aware of this light when traveling.  We are more open and expressive of our true selves.  But it's not the travel that ignites this, it is us letting go of our inhibitions that we usually cling so tightly to.

Don't be a FOSOL, be a STAR (Sharing thoughts and awareness in real-time)

1 comment:

  1. I have never thought of traveling in that way but it makes perfect sense! I have often noticed how much more emotionally free I feel when on vacation and I think you're right. Thanks as always for an amazing post :)